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Love & Sex

The YouAligned Love and Sex channel features informative articles to help you deepen your relationships, cultivate more intimacy and connection, and awaken your sexual energy.

The relationship articles in our Love and Sex channel range from dating advice to marriage tips. Looking for love? Dating coaches serve up their best tips – even how to embrace (and enjoy!) the single life – as well as how to find the best love match based on your Enneagram compatibility.

We explore the importance of self-compassion in your relationships and tips on how to work through codependency issues. Our Love & Sex section explores the layers of love languages, types of intimacy and principles for a deeper connection. We share our best affirmations for clear communication, tips on how to sincerely apologize, and advice on how to grieve and get over a breakup and move on.

Let’s talk about sex. We break the taboos and have articles on BDSM and kink, yoni breathing, and share expert advice from sex therapists on the benefits of masturbation and having sex regularly.

Awaken your sexual energy and experience a better orgasm with our yoga sequences to help prepare you for bondage or the best sex. We even had the pleasure of trying out the best vibrators and sex toys for you so you can have the ultimate time in the sack.

No conversation about sex would be complete without sexual consent. In our Love and Sex section, we also share ways to empower yourself in the bedroom with a safe word and have the awkward (and maybe fun) conversations about your sexual desires.

Curious about consensual non-monogamy? Or sexual fluidity? Learn the difference between open relationships and polyamorous relationships, as well as gender identity and expression.

Our Love and Sex section is your answer to all things relationships, kink, sexual desires and sexual pleasures. Find love in all the right places, starting with yourself!

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