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9 Home Decor Hacks to Give Your Space a Big Energetic Makeover

Wherever you call home, the energy of your space matters. After all, our homes are the first thing we see when we open our eyes and the last thing we see before we fall asleep.

Whether you work from home AND spend all your time there, or are rarely home and use it more as a place to rest your head, we all deserve to have a home that’s soothing, mood-boosting, and makes us happy to come home to.

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The good news? You can make significant changes, no matter what square footage or type of home you’re working with using these affordable home decor hacks and easy interior design tips.

After all, life’s too short not to love the space you’re in.

Try These 9 Cheap Home Decor and Interior Design Tips:

If you’re thinking you need the skills of an HGTV decorator or a big budget to pull off a home makeover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how doable – and affordable – these ideas are.

These are easy interior design ideas that are totally doable on any budget and with any skillset (or lack thereof).

It really doesn’t take much to radically change the energy of your home. No more pinning and dreaming – you can put these interior design tips to work right away!

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1. Plants, Plants, Plants

Just look on Instagram! Indoor plants have become a seriously trending thing in recent months for their ability to totally perk up a space and bring something living into your home.

There are tons of online sources for plants from Etsy to specific plant shops that deliver to your local nursery.

You don’t need a green thumb either to master the role of plant parent. Easy indoor varieties like spider plants or pothos are foolproof even in low light situations.

If you’re worried about killing your new plant babies, cactus is another easy care choice and cheap home decor champ! Just make sure your plants are pet/child-friendly, if you have either!

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2. Layer on the Textures

Looking to add some color, cozy vibes, and texture to your home? One of the easiest ways is to add a throw blanket, pillow, or basket (or a few of each!) to your space. Baskets are all the rage and you can find a huge assortment of sizes, shapes and colors at stores like TJ Maxx Homegoods, World Market or online.

The emotions we feel about a space are totally tied up with tactile feelings, so adding a few cozy, soft blankets and plush pillows is a great way to soften your space literally and visually.

Throw blankets and pillows are also a more affordable way to change up the color palate without investing in new linens or furniture, making this a great cheap home decor hack!


3. Zen Out With Candles or an Essential Oil Diffuser

So much of our experience of a place has to do with the scent – just think of the scent of roasted beans in your favorite coffee shop or the eucalyptus smell of a spa.

Adding some yummy smelling candles or an essential oil diffuser to your home is a cheap home decor hack to instantly add an aromatherapy boost and zen vibe no matter what type of interior design you like.

Bonus tip: lighting a candle is a simple and effective way to mentally wind down and help yourself shift gears from work hours to relaxed time.

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4. Add Color or Prints With Removable Wallpaper

A cheap, renter-friendly, and easy interior design tip is papering a wall or area with a fun removable wallpaper. Think backsplash, the back of bookshelf shelves, or an accent wall behind your bed.

There are many options available online and in stores these days that are easy to remove so if your mood changes or you need to move, there’s no harm done. This is perhaps the most fun and customizable cheap home decor hack on the list!

5. Hang Meaningful Photos

Hanging photos is a cheap home decor hack that will instantly make your space a little more heartwarming – not to mention visually pleasing.

Seeing images with loved ones or from memorable travel or experiences is an instant mood boost each time you walk past. Photos are a great way to feel a little bit closer to those you love, even if you’re miles apart. So don’t let those photos collect dust in a scrapbook!

Bonus – you get a fun DIY project of going through old photos and picking out the type and size of picture frames you want. Will you create a photo wall? Or hang a few big and beautiful frames in your living room? The sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity with this interior design tip.

6. Consider a Light Feature

Mmm, what’s more soothing than the soft pink glow of a Himalayan salt lamp? It’s an easy purchase that can add a visual boost and spa-like ambience to any room, making it a great cheap home decor hack and .

If salt lamps aren’t your thing, consider instead a selenite lamp or moon lamp (both super trendy) or if you’d prefer a hanging light fixture, IKEA has a variety of pendant lamp shades for super cheap (starting at $4!).

7. Put Up String Lights

String lights are a classic cheap home décor hack. Why? Because string or “fairy” lights are affordable to buy and easy to hang, but it’s impossible to deny the instant coziness boost you get from plugging in a strand of lights.

Some people like to string these lights around their bed or bedroom wall, over their reading or meditation nook (which brings us to #8!) or even as a dining table centerpiece.

Bonus interior design hack (or should we say exterior design?): if you have a yard space, hang white outdoor lights in a tree for a welcoming year-round glow.


8. Create a Meditation Space

As a yoga and wellness site, we couldn’t leave this easy interior design idea off the list! Adding a meditation space (or mindfulness corner or even a reading nook, if that resonates more with you) can transcend just the aesthetic and truly help change your emotional well-being too.

Create a meditation space, no matter how small your home is, with some simple floor cushions or pillows, candles, an essential oil diffuser or some crystals. Use whatever speaks to you – there are no fancy requirements here – and have fun mixing and matching items that are meaningful and sacred to you.

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It’s incredibly soothing to have a dedicated “safe space” to re-center and ground yourself as you need. It’s almost like creating a whole new room within a room in your home.

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9. Rearrange Your Furniture

Last but certainly not least – when you want to spend exactly zero dollars and still radically revamp your space, rearrange what you’ve got. It’s the next best thing to moving to a whole new space, and since it’s entirely free, is also the cheapest home decor hack on this list! 😉

You can even rearrange according to ancient principals like Feng Shui or various other instructions for room flow you can find. Or, simply do what feels best to you!

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These Cheap Home Decor Hacks and Interior Design Tips Will Refresh Your Space Visually and Energetically

Don’t believe what you see on social media or your favorite décor show. No one’s home is perfect all the time. Everyone has piled up laundry and dishes in the sink now and again.

The goal with these easy interior design tips is not to create perfection or an HGTV-worthy home, but instead make small tweaks that shift the energy in your space so it feels brighter, lighter and more authentically and energetically you.

Have more cheap decor hacks or interior design tips to share? Please tell us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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