Master the business of yoga and watch your business fill up with clients!




Thriving — you’re experiencing joy every day. You love what you do because you see that you are making a difference and applying your gifts in a truly meaningful way.

Profitable — you’re actually earning enough money to provide for yourself, your family and your future.

Sustainable — you have the right business skills and you have designed your business to be profitable and last for many years to come.

As the industry leader in yoga business coaching and training, this is our commitment to you.

We are committed that you learn and master the business side of being a professional yoga teacher so well that these three conditions are always present and active: ThrivingProfitableSustainable. That is the only way you can truly make a lasting, meaningful difference for others in your community and yourself.

Know how to consistently attract enough new students and clients — the kind who are looking for what you uniquely offer.

Know how to naturally retain your students and clients — cause your clients to stay with you and use your services regularly, regardless of the competition.

Know how to create a solid business foundation and become an effective business owner.

Know how to stay focused and productive yet experience a balanced life full of joy, freedom, and meaning beyond your business.

If you are looking for a richer, more conscious, profitable, fulfilling and successful business experience, then please start by attending your free Yoga Business Breakthrough live webinar, or go to our free resources page for your free eBook: Abundant Living, The Yoga Professionals Guide to Earning $100,000 a Year, or, call me for a free Yoga Business Analysis Session.

Growing a profitable yoga business

The solutions to a thriving yoga business are deceptively simple.

But you have to know what is at the “root cause” of your not being exactly where you want to be and then consistently apply the right business systems, structures, and mindset. That’s when you and your business become amazingly effective and productive.

Metro Yoga has several solutions to fit the needs and budget of every type of yoga based business. Each solution will help you improve your results in amazing ways. Private and group yoga business coaching has you excel fast and move far — saving you years of struggle. Yoga Business Breakthrough a free on-demand audio training and live webinar will show you how simple it is to earn $100,000 a year. Inexpensive yoga marketing webinars and teleseminars improve your skills and give you actionable training in topics like drawing new clients and keeping them.

You invested a lot of money, time and practice in learning your yoga skills. Now invest in training yourself to be excellent at the business side of yoga so that you can create an effective company and direct your skills towards making a huge difference in the health and well-being of your community.

Get your free yoga business growth eBook or sign up for a yoga business analysis. Together we will discover what is blocking your success and walk you through the proven actions and mindset required for expanding your thriving practice.

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